Our Story

Guilty Chocolates, a culmination of Melbourne’s finest confectionery craftsmanship, emanates an unparalleled sense of refinement and sophistication. It stands as the exquisite brainchild of two visionary friends, who, propelled by an unwavering love for couverture chocolate, set out to share their passion with the world.

Beyond the mere act of indulgence, Guilty Chocolates weaves a mesmerizing tale of personal transformation and introspection. It serves as a profound metaphor for the delicate equilibrium found within life’s tapestry, where harmony is achieved through the interplay of contrasting elements. Guilty Chocolates embodies the essence of equilibrium, inviting us to embrace new beginnings, seize the present moment, and manifest our truest selves. Every bite reminding us of the refined balance between bitter, sweet and everything in between.

Our Philosophy

Guilty Chocolates embodies a philosophy centered around embracing the synergy of decadent flavors, both on the palate and in life. We believe in seizing every moment without hesitation, for life is simply too short to be anything but Guilty.

Indulge in the luxury of Guilty Chocolates. Savour every mouth-watering moment. Resistance is futile.

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Our Chocolate

We’ve created a notorious lineup of luxury chocolate for your Guilty pleasure. You’ll fall in love with these 12 loveable rogues, each with their own character and flavour profile.

Meet Don’t Be Salty - Milk Belgian couverture, Himalayan salt & salted caramel. Damn, it hurts being this good.

Discover Ruby Lust - This Femme Fatale is a sweet surprise of Belgian couverture with freeze dried strawberry & meringue.

Look for the cheeky note inside our signature packaging.

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The Alchemy

In the realm of alchemy, we harness the power to transform raw elements into precious substances, just as our ingredients are transformed into the exquisite cocoa masterpieces that defines Guilty Chocolates.

Experience the alchemical journey that turns ordinary ingredients into extraordinary indulgence, awakening your senses to the captivating essence of our creations.