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Melbourne brand Guilty Chocolates are on a mission to revolutionise luxury chocolate for Australian consumers. 

While a switch in consumer spending to low-sugar snacks has suppressed consumer spending on chocolate and confectionery in recent years, according to a recent 2023 industry analysis of chocolate and confectionery manufacturing in Australia, premium goods such as chocolates and confectionery are rising in popularity as consumer health consciousness rises.

A sharp uptick in disposable incomes in 2019-20 and 2020-21 reinforce this consumer preference. 

Overall, chocolate industry revenue in Australia has risen at an annualised 1.7% through the end of 2022-23, to total $7.3 billion as of this year.

Another trend which the report identifies is that access to consumer markets is a major driver of business locations, with New South Wales and Victoria accounting for practically two-thirds of Australia’s chocolate and confectionery manufacturers.

In the heart of Melbourne, Guilty Chocolates, the brainchild of Australian friends and business partners Ilias Dimitropoulos and Pamela Raschella, is where creativity is meeting craftsmanship. The new luxury Belgian couverture chocolate brand is redefining the way Australians are able to experience and access the world of luxury chocolates. 

The duo set out to create a brand that redefines the chocolate market by mixing their own playfulness and depth into their premium couverture products, which they wanted to market at an accessible price point and be available across major retailers. 

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